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Your Massage Therapy Visit

What to expect when you visit licensed massage therpist Heather Forness

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I promise you are really going to enjoy your visit at Sunshine Massage & Bodyworks. I'm caring, friendly, and honest. A lifelong people person. I will ensure you feel comfortable during your visit and through my training and experience provide you with the best massage you have ever had.

- Heather Forness, LMT, CCT, Owner / Operator

Massage Techniques I Provide

Relaxing Massage Therapy Visit
massge process at sunshine massage and bodyworks

The Standard Massage Process

Unless otherwise specified, such as with Sports Massage, you will undress to your comfort level while I step out of the room. You will be covered with a sheet while lying on the massage table. The sheet will be moved and replaced as different areas of your body are being addressed.

I will check in with you regularly about the pressure being used and adjust according to your preference. The table is heated and can be adjusted to your comfort. I do use moist heated towels, Hot Stones and Aromatherapy in most massages at no additional charge. As always, these variations can be adjusted to accommodate your preferences.

Contraindications of Massage Therapy

There are some conditions that are contraindicated locally. That means that massage is an option but treatment will be avoided on areas with those conditions.

Common Contraindications

  • Cuts or open wounds
  • Bruises
  • Varicose veins
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Some skin conditions

If you have any of these massage contraindications and you want a massage please let me know about them. Hopefully we can work around these areas. However, if they prove too severe massage may not be appropriate. In that case, I do reserve the right to refuse treatment to ensure I am upholding health standards.


Prenatal massages are generally considered safe after the first trimester, as long as you get the OK from your Doctor and you let me know that you’re pregnant. You will want to avoid massage during the first three months of pregnancy as it may trigger dizziness and add to morning sickness. Deep tissue work on your legs is contraindicated, as pregnant women are particularly susceptible to blood clots, which deep massage work can dislodge. On other body parts, the pressure can be firm and as deep or as gentle as you’d like. Always communicate with me about what feels good or if something starts to hurt.

Other massage contraindications are more specific. You cannot get a massage if you have these conditions because massage could cause these conditions to flare up making your problem worse. Here are the conditions that fall into this category:


Anytime you have a fever, whether from a cold, the flu or some other infection, you should not get a massage. Massage increases circulation that may in turn help the infection increase the severity of the fever and the infection.

Contagious Diseases

If you have a contagious disease you are putting me and other clients at risk of contracting it. Please be considerate and cancel your massage if you come down with a contagious condition. We can get you rescheduled when you are well again.

Blood Clots

Massage can loosen blood clots. This could be dangerous because the clot could migrate to the brain, lungs or heart. If you are aware of any blood clots, please consult your doctor before scheduling a massage to make sure that it will not be effected by the treatment.

Kidney or Liver Conditions

Massage can put increased strain on both the liver and kidney if they are not functioning normally. This occurs because massage increases blood flow, increasing the movement of waste through the body. If you are experiencing any health problems with either kidney or liver it is likely that massage will not be appropriate for you. Please talk to your Doctor to see if massage will aggravate any kidney or liver condition.


Massage is good at relieving some of the discomfort caused by cancer. Please obtain a release form from your Doctor prior to treatment.


If you have inflammation of any kind massage to the area will further aggravate the situation. Uncontrolled Hypertension Massage increases blood flow. If you have high blood pressure that is not under control, the increased blood flow that is a result of massage therapy may cause problems.